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How to Configure Hewlett Packard Printers


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Before you can begin printing on your new Hewlett-Packard (HP) printer, you first must set up the printer’s components and set up drivers and application. Knowing the actions to adhere to, especially the order in which to adhere to them will help ensure that your new printer operates effectively after installation. Properly installing your HP printer will also create problem solving mistakes you might get after set up much easier.

  • After you have removed all of the appearance from the printer, including record and card board, find the cable that came with your printer and place it into the specific slot on the printer. Connect the other end into energy and media the energy key to create the printer on. If the printer does not switch on, ensure that that both ends of the cable are secured.
  • Insert document containers and create refills. If your printer has separate document containers, connect them into the specific spots. For ink jet HP printers, unwrap the ink jet refills that came with your printer and safely load them into the printer’s container buggy. Although the actions for placing your ink jet refills will differ based on the model of your HP printer, all printers instantly reveal the container buggy when you media a key or lift a certain door. This will allow you to set up the ink jet refills without personally pulling the container buggy over. When you place the ink jet refills, you will know that they are safely fixed if you hear a clicking sound. If your HP printer is a laser printer, the skin toner container will likely already be set up and ready for use, although you may need to remove some obtaining record.
  • Insert the USB wire into the printer only. Insert the type-B plug end (the smallest end) of the USB wire into the specific slot on your printer. You should not plug the USB wire into the pc until uncomplicated application encourages you to do so, as connecting the wire in too early may affect the application set up procedure.
  • Install the HP printer application. Insert into the pc uncomplicated CD that came with your HP printer. Your pc should begin the installation system instantly, but if it does not, double-click your CD drive and explore the items in the CD. Double-click the installation file to begin uncomplicated procedure. Once uncomplicated application starts, simply adhere to the on-screen instructions.
  • At the end of the application set up and installation procedure, uncomplicated system will ask if you want to create the analyze website. Printing the analyze website will determine if the application set up effectively and if you effectively set up the printer’s components, such as the ink jet refills and document plate. Insert document into the document plate before printing the analyze website, otherwise you will acquire an “empty document tray” error.

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