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How to Configure Canon MX700 Wireless Printing


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The Canon MX700 multi-function printer does not have wireless printing abilities built in, but you can connect the printer to a wireless print server to achieve the same results. When establishing up the wireless print server, you need to set up both the printer and printer server driver on your pc, as well as set up the create server for the wireless network you plan to use.

Installing the MX700 Driver

  • Insert the installation disk for the MX700 into the device’s disk generate. An installation system will run.
  • Click on “Easy Set up.”
  • Click “Install.” On the next screen, just click “Yes” to accept to the certificate contract.
  • Click on “Use the printer via USB,” then just click “Next.”
  • Connect the USB wire to the pc and the MX700.
  • Click “Next” twice. Simply just click “Agree” or “Do not agree” on whether you want to take part in the PIXMA prolonged study system and then just click “Exit.”

Configuring the Wireless Print Server and Setting up the Driver

  • Remove the installation disk for the MX700, and then place the installation disk for the wireless print server in the disk generate. An installation system will run.
  • Click on the key to start the installation. It may say “Next” or “Install Now.”
  • Connect a USB wire to the print server and the printer. Click “Next” if necessary for installation system.
  • Connect an Ethernet wire to the wireless print server and the wireless router. Click “Next” if necessary for installation system.
  • Click on the option to obtain an IP address instantly, and then just click “Next,” if necessary for installation system.
  • Double-click on the wireless system the wireless print server will be using from the record of available systems.
  • Enter the wireless protection key. You may need to choose the wireless protection type as well, based on the brand of wireless create server.
  • Disconnect the Ethernet wire, and then reboot the wireless print server by disconnecting it and replugging it. Once the create server has been set up, you will have to set up the Print Server’s driver. If this method does not instantly continue to the driver installation, simply choose key to continue.
  • Select the printer that is connected with the wireless print server from the record of printers, then just click “Next,” if necessary. After the motorist duplicates, you may be required to create a test page. If not, just click on “Finish.”

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