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How to Configure a Brother Printer through a Router


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Many models of Brother Printers have network adapters installed. Instead of connecting the printer straight to your pc, you can connect the Brother printer to your wireless router and use it as a system source. This installation is beneficial when you want to use the printer from several computer systems in your house or if all of your computer systems are laptop computers and you don’t want to hassle with connecting and disconnecting the printer as you progress from space to space.

  • Insert the Brother Printer installation CD. Choose to set up BRAdmin and the drivers. Just click “Next” on each installation wizard window until you achieve the end of this process.
  • Plug in your Brother printer. Wait around for it to power up completely; then connect the Brother’s Ethernet wire into one of your router’s wired gadgets or printer-specific slots.
  • Go to the pc you installed the Sibling software and drivers on. Go to “Start” and then click “Control Board.” Choose “Printers and Faxes.” Just click “Add a Printer.”
  • Click “Next.” Choose “A system printer, or printer connected to another pc.” Just click “Next.” Choose “Browse for a printer.” Keep the writing area empty and then click “Next.”
  • Select the Brother printer in the list of printers seems on the next page. Just click “Next.” Choose “Yes” or “No” to decide on the standard printer position. Just click “Next” then “Finish.”

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