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How to Clean the Print Head of an Epson Printer


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A print head is negligence the printer that is accountable for printing the ink onto the document. When you’re printed pages are not arriving out quite right on your Epson printer (such as losing collections or an irregular printout), it is likely that it is an issue with the print head. It may need to be unclogged. It’s worth noting that the print head is incredibly sensitive and can be damaged quickly. Once your print head is damaged, it’s probably a chance to just buy a new machine, because the price of fix and alternative will probably surpass the price of another printer.

  • Switch on the printer and be sure that it is linked to your laptop or computer. Place several of items of document into the printer.
  • Head to the Control Panel and simply just click “Printers and Faxes.” Right-click the Epson printer that you need to as well as head to “Printing Preferences.” Choose the “Maintenance” or “Head Cleaning” tab. (You can look for the printer under the “Applications” directory if you’re using a Mac.)
  • Select the choice for a “Head Cleaning.” Execute the activities asked for by the Epson wizard in to start with the cleaning. Your printer will activate and then the cleaning process will start. Do not perform with the printer while it is cleaning and doesn’t effort to print anything while the print head is being cleaned.
  • When the cleaning is finish, choose “Print nozzle Check” under your printing choices dialog box and then “Print.” After the print heads are washed, the outcomes of this printout will help you evaluate whether the cleaning assisted or not. If the collections on the printout are damaged, then there is still an issue. But if it prints strong, then you’re done. Upgrade the print head cleaning process if the collections on your nozzle check printout have gaps.

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