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How to Clean the Nozzles on Brother LC61 Printers


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Clogged create nozzles can cause printing issues in any printer, from missing colors to weak colors. Cleaning the print nozzles on a Brother LC61 ink container may fix any printing issues. The LC61 ink cartridges are used in more than twelve Brother Printers. After you clean the print head, which clears the nozzles, print a analyze page to see if the print top quality enhanced.

Clean the Nozzles

  • Press “Ink,” “Ink/Reports,” “Ink Management/Reports” or “Ink Management” on your printer. The key relies upon on the kind of your printer.
  • Navigate to “Cleaning” with the up or down pointer.
  • Press “Menu/Set” to choose the choice.
  • Navigate to the shade with the nozzle you want to clean up using the up or down pointer. Choose “All” if you want to clean up all the colors.
  • Press “Menu/Set” to validate your choice.
  • Watch for the LCD display on your printer to demonstrate period of time and time again; this alerts the printer is done cleaning the print heads and nozzles. During cleaning, the display at once reveals “Cleaning” and “Please Wait.”

Print Test Page

  • Press “Ink,” “Ink/Reports,” “Ink Management/Reports,” or “Ink Management” based on your printer’s model.
  • Navigate to “Test Print” with your up or down pointer.
  • Press “Menu/Set” to validate your choice.
  • Navigate to “Print Quality” with the arrows.
  • Press “Menu/Set” to choose the choice and press the “Color Start” key to create a analyze piece. Do it again the actions to clean up a nozzle if there are still issues.

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