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How to Clean Brother Inkjet Printers


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Cleaning your printer consistently not only keeps it looking great, but more significantly, it allows keep it printing the best documents it probably can. Brother Ink jet printers like the MFC-250C can be cleaned by placing in a while with some cleaning products discovered around the home.

  • To fresh the outside of the printer begin by taking out the paper tray, discovered at the base of the top side of the printer. Clean the outside of the printer with dry cloths. Rise up the coverage of the paper tray and eliminate anything within of it before cleaning it fresh with dry cloths. Close the cover and replace the paper tray.
  • To fresh the scanner lift the papers cover–on the very top of the printer–and clean the cup and the white-colored nasty around it with a cloth moistened in glass cleaner.
  • To clean the papers pick-up curler, begin by taking out the paper tray from the top side of the printer.
  • Unplug the power cord to the printer and start the “Jam Obvious Cover” on the rear again of the printer.
  • Locate the roller at the top of the place that’s disguised by the Jam Obvious Cover and clean it with a Q-tip moistened with isopropyl alcohol. When you’ve finished this method, close the Jam Obvious Cover.
  • Replace the paper tray and plug the power cord returning into the printer.


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