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How to Change a Dell Ink Cartridge


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It’s inevitable that printer ink will run out and you will be required to replace the ink cartridge. Dell printers are similar to other products, but knowing how to change the cartridge saves time and helps you avoid mistakes. Printer ink can be purchased at any local office supply store, and as soon as you have the ink, changing a Dell printer ink cartridge is an easy process.

  • Open the printer lid. The lid is not connected with any screws, so it can be opened by hand. Remove the plastic strip that covers the ink cartridge.
  • Pop open the ink carrier, which is a blue, plastic top that holds the ink in place. If you are installing a black and color cartridge, pop open both carriers.
  • Remove the old ink cartridge and slide the new one into the carrier. Ensure the newly placed ink cartridge is tightly fastened in the carrier. This eliminates possible printing problems.
  • Close the print carrier tops on the ink cartridges to fasten them. If the ink carrier tops do not close, then the ink cartridge needs to be reinserted properly. Close the lid on the printer.
  • Align the new print cartridge by right-clicking the printer in the Windows control panel and selecting “Properties.” Click the “Maintenance” tab and press the “Align Print Cartridges” button. This ensures the ink cartridge is in sync and aligned with the paper. Once aligned, a test print job is sent to the printer to ensure it’s properly configured.
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