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How to Change the Default Home Page in Safari


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The default home page for Safari is the Apple website. You might not realize that you can change the default home page that opens when Safari is launched. The procedure is not difficult and requires only a few mouse clicks. Once you’ve configured a custom home page, Safari will open to that page automatically every time you launch the browser. If you have your own website or blog that you visit frequently, setting Safari’s home page to your own URL is a smart time-saver.

safari Browser

safari Browser

  • Launch Safari and navigate to the Web page that you want to set as the default home page.
  • Click “Safari” on the toolbar at the top of the application window and select “Preferences.”
  • Under the “General” tab, click on the “Set to Current Page” button. If the URL of your Web page does not appear in the text box above the button, type in the URL before you click the button.
  • Close Safari. The next time you launch your browser, the change will take effect and your website will load as the default home page.


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