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How to Change Account Information in QuickBooks


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Intuit designed QuickBooks accounting software for the small business owner with no accounting background or training. Because it’s for non-experts, the software has a built-in interview to walk you through the steps necessary for setting up your company account. Once you’ve set up the account and you are using QuickBooks, you no longer have the interview to guide you when you need to make changes. If you need to change the information for an account you have already set up, just follow these simple steps.

  • Open your company’s file in QuickBooks.
  • Select Chart of Accounts from the List menu at the top of the screen or click the Chart of Accounts icon on the home page.
  • Locate the account whose information you want to change and click it once to highlight your selection.
  • Click the “Account” button at the bottom of the Chart of Accounts window and then click “Edit Account.” Alternatively, you can press “Ctrl” and “E” simultaneously to bring up the Edit Account screen.
  • Change any information related to this account, such as account type, account name or account number. You can change any information on this screen.
  • Click “Save & Close” to save your changes and return to the Chart of Accounts screen.
  • QuickBooks has many keyboard shortcuts that incorporate the “Ctrl” key. You will see the shortcuts available next to the corresponding commands in all of QuickBooks’ menus.

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