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How to Cancel Printing in the Brother HL-2140


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For a number of reasons, you will find it necessary to cancel one or more print jobs you have sent to the Brother HL-2140 printer. Brother offers a simplified way of canceling print jobs using the printer’s control panel, rather than requiring you to run between the printer and the computer. The Brother HL-2140 also gives you a way to cancel not only the print job that has begun to print, but also all pending print jobs to the printer in the event you need to make adjustments or repairs to the HL-2140.

  • Cancel only the current print job by pressing the “Go” button on the printer’s control panel. Hold the button down for approximately four seconds, releasing the button only when all of the LED lights on the printer illuminate.
  • Wait for the printer’s “Ready” and “Error” lights to flash before attempting to print again. Any pending print jobs will begin printing once the lights stop flashing.
  • Cancel all of the print jobs pending by holding down the printer’s “Go” button for about four seconds. Let go of the button once the printer’s LED lights stop flashing.
  • Press the “Go” button once more, briefly, signifying that you want to cancel all print jobs. Wait for the “Ready” and “Error” lights to stop flashing before you send any new print jobs to the printer.

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