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How to Boot From a CD with an Asus


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You can boot from any compact disk that you insert into your Asus computer, so long as you adjust the appropriate settings in your Asus BIOS. When your computer boots off of a CD, it loads the contents of the CD when you boot your machine instead of booting into your operating system. This is typically done to install new software or operating systems onto a computer.

Asus Laptop

Asus Laptop

  • Place your bootable CD into your Asus optical drive.
  • Restart your Asus computer.
  • Press “F1” when the Asus logo is on screen to access you’re BIOS.
  • Highlight “Primary Boot Device” from the Asus BIOS menu. Press “Enter.” Select the listing for your optical drive. Hit “Enter.”
  • Highlight “Save Changes and Exit.” Your computer will now reboot and boot off of your CD as opposed to your hard drive.

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