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How to speedup Slow Laptop


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Fix a Slow Laptop – Why Your Laptop is Slow

You might have noticed that your laptop is slow when running the usual applications. More than that, your laptop is very slow when downloading files and playing videos. This can be caused by many factors including hardware and software issues. A laptop slow down can cause a big dip in productivity and also waste a lot of energy by running for longer periods of time for the same task. Here are some tips to fix slow laptop problems.

Reduce your Startup Programs. Often, your computer slowing down is merely because you are running too many programs at the same time. While you can close most of the visible applications like Microsoft Word or Windows Media Player, some programs run hidden from view. The first step is to remove any unneeded programs from your Startup folder so that they don’t run when you start your computer. The next is to open the Task Manager and close any background apps that you don’t need any more. If possible, check the options for that program so that it does not start up without your permission.

Scan for malware. If you have a Trojan, worm or virus in your computer, it might be using up your computing resources to do its dirty work. Most malware will use your computer as a launch pad to spread itself to other computers, download all sorts of files to your laptop or use your computer’s processing power to fuel a hacker’s activities. Get a reputable anti-malware application and then scan and remove all traces of this parasitic software from your computer. You will surely feel that your computer will be much speedier when it is cleaned.

Fix your registry. Most of the time, the slowdown is simply because your registry isn’t in order. Missing or wrong registry entries will force your computer to guess the correct one and it will try this over and over until it gets it right. By cleaning up your system registry, you will not only make your programs snappier but it will also potentially remove any harmful problems that might come your way in the future.

There you have it, a few easy fixes you can try when your laptop is slow. The solution to fix slow laptop issues doesn’t require anything advanced and most of the tools you need can be easily found online. So the next time you find your laptop running slow, just follow the above fixes.

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