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How to Block Google Street View


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Google Street View provides 360 degree photographic images for many street locations around the world. While the map shows you the location, the photos, taken from special cars outfitted with panoramic cameras, provide a real world image so you can see what the buildings and intersections look like. The images are not real-time, but they can capture visual information that is inappropriate or causes privacy concerns. To address these issues Google has a process whereby you can ask them to blur part of a picture or remove it entirely.

  • Select your map location in Google Maps.
  • Go into “Street View” mode by dragging the orange human from on top of the zoom slider to a street location. Not all streets have Street View images. If a street has a Street View image, it will be outlined in blue.
  • Select the picture orientation using the dial in the top left corner. The left and right arrows move you around the circle while the up and down arrows change the elevation.
  • Click on “Report A Problem” in the bottom left corner of the picture to bring up a form to report the problem to Google.
  • Fill out the form and click the “Submit” button. If you need to adjust the picture orientation, you can do that here as well.


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