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How to Assign Account Numbers in QuickBooks


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QuickBooks is business accounting software that can help you keep track of sales and expenses for your business. The software uses a series of unique account numbers to differentiate entries for various account types. For example, numbers in the 2000s are liabilities and numbers in the 5000s are cost of sales. QuickBooks can assign account numbers for you according to the predetermined number scheme, or you can assign your own account numbers.

  • From within your QuickBooks program, click “Edit” and then click “Preferences.”
  • Click the “Accounting” icon to the left of the Preferences window.
  • Click the “Company Preferences” tab, and then click “Use Account Numbers.”
  • Click “OK.” If you want to assign your own account numbers for new accounts instead of having QuickBooks assign numbers automatically for you, click the “Account Number” field that appears on your spreadsheet.

Type your own account number into the field. If the account already exists, click “Edit Account” and then type a new account number into the “Account Number” field.


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