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How to Allocate a QuickBooks Data File


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Your QuickBooks information may be saved in several places on your difficult generate. Depending on your operating system, your version of QuickBooks and the set up configurations you determined when you installed the application, the information file listing differs. You can look for the operating system common places or perform a full look for of your difficult generate based on the standard information file expansion to identify the QuickBooks information, which have a QBW expansion. With a few minutes’ time and a couple of mouse clicks of the mouse, you can identify all of the company information files attached to your QuickBooks set up.

  • Right-click your “Start” key on the windows process bar, then just click “Explore.” Get around to your computer’s difficult generate.
  • Locate and double-click the “Users” listing, double-click “Public” and then “Documents.” Find the “Intuit” listing and double-click it. Locate and double-click the “QuickBooks” directory, and then start the “Company Files” listing. Look for your QBW information file in this listing. If you are using Ms Windows XP, miss this step.
  • Locate and double-click the “Documents and Settings” listing. Double-click “All Users,” then “Shared Documents.” Locate and double-click “Intuit.” Double-click “QuickBooks” and then start the “Company Files” listing. Look for your QBW information file in this listing.
  • Right-click the “Start” key on your task bars, then emphasizes and then just clicks “Search.” In the box marked “All or part of the information file name” enter “*.qbw” and then just click “Search.” Your QuickBooks information file should appear in the results window.

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