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How to Activate the Site Advisor in Mcafee Security Suite


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The McAfee Security Suite is a comprehensive PC security suite of programs that you can purchase for home or office utilization.McAfee packages the Website Consultant Internet Safety program with the Security Package in order to provide you added protection against harmful websites when browsing the Internet. When Website Consultant is triggered on your PC it will protect web browsing through the Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. The applying will standard to being switched on automatically, but you may have a need to stimulate Website Consultant if it has been switched off.

  • Open the McAfee Management Panel by double simply clicking the McAfee symbol on your regardless of or by selecting “Start->McAfee” from your PC’s begin selection.
  • Select the “Internet and Network” selection choice on the McAfee Security Center panel. When you have the McAfee Security Suite installed on your PC, access to the Website Consultant configuration is located under this selection choice.
  • View the position of the McAfee Website Advisor. You will need to pick “Enable” to stimulate the Website Consultant. Quit the McAfee Control Panel and choose “Save settings” to keep the Website Consultant program effective.
  • Exit the McAfee Control Panel and begin your Online Internet browser. You should now see the Website Consultant website protection effective showing the position of your default home-page.

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