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How to connect your Printer to the Internet?


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Internet is the global source of media in the knowledge sharing and communication purposes. In the phase of 21st century, Internet plays a significant role in our lives, especially connecting us across the globe. Internet is a part of our day to day life, as its involvement is increasing day by day. Quite hard to predict about future, but it acclaims so many responsibilities in present scenario. Concerning printing stuff, you never know when you need a printer and it totally depends on your requirements. While browsing, many a times we need urgent printing. Unfortunately we do not have accessibility to printer at that time. In this case, we prefer to save the data in any storage device in our office or home PC, from where we can easily take print out. Apart from this, there is a technique through which, you can connect printer to Internet. You just need manual connections and proper configuration of software in the computer.

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Printer and Internet

How to connect Printer to Internet

Requirements for connecting printer

Printer and Internet

Both these words are quite linked with usage or demand. You may need it or not, depending on circumstances. You may never know, it is all about time and condition. Suppose you are in office or workplace in a shared work space, so there is chance that you have wireless or cable Internet connection. So what you can do, simply connecting printer to network, will make you accessible to printer. Next time, you will not need to save the stuffs in pen drive or e-mail. It is pretty easy to connect printer to Internet. To connect printer to Internet, you need to follow few steps carefully.

How to connect Printer to Internet

First thing is to search for workspace nearby, where shared network printer is available. Sometimes, networks are there but without any printing option. Make sure to share printer in the network domain. It will help to reduce lot of work and waiting of yours. Locate the closest one and set up the printer. In regular way, open PC and go to ‘My Computer’, then ‘Control Panel’. Move to ‘Printer and Faxes’ section, where you can pursue the desired tasks. In printer settings, locate the wireless printer or just ‘Add printer’. Within wireless network, set up printer as ‘Add Printer’. Then search for new network till you get the satisfied network. Go manually, as easier method to access the printer and give the command. After connecting, take few test pages to check the authentication of your network. Printer may be protected, so do ask administrator about the User Id and Password and then go ahead with printing.

Requirements for connecting printer

Connecting Printer is not a big deal as such, but proper functioning is required. If after connecting, your commands are not working, then it would be better to check the network Internet access and Password to authenticate. If you are using wireless network, then do take precautions like Wi-Fi enabled and sharing features. These entire things should be taken care in advance. It is up to you, to make sure the connection to printer and connectivity between the PC and network are proper. Connecting Internet means, you need to configure IP and firewall. Security must be obeyed, since it is a public domain (network). Do ensure printing on daily basis for good and long term working. Otherwise, system may fail or network may go down.


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